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Valentine's Party Marketing Campaign & Photoshoot

Updated: Jan 24

C L I E N T: FRESH By Brookshire's
P R O J E C T: Valentine's Party Styled Photoshoot & Marketing Campaign

This photoshoot earned a Silver ADDY Award from the American Advertising Federation East Texas.

This project was focused on highlighting some of the client’s Valentine’s foods in a fun party atmosphere, and showing a romantic Valentine’s dinner scene with some of their specialty meal items.

My Role:

I completed this project by collaborating with a food stylist, photographer and client representative. Throughout this months-long project, I led the planning, art direction and execution of a styled photoshoot and creative concept design.

Project Breakdown:

This project starts with a food list from the client, which designates specific seasonal food items that the client wants to showcase. I use that list and photo examples from my research to plan 6-8 shots by deciding on angles, lighting, tone, and choosing which foods are appropriate for each shot. After client feedback, I designed and delivered the concept design, including color scheme and overall theme.

Once the client was happy with the direction, I planned and shopped for props: surfaces, backdrops, linens, fabrics, platters, glassware, serveware, etc. I then use my photo examples and the purchased props to begin building the scenes to get a better idea of each shot.

Multiple times throughout the process, I would lead a group phone call with the food stylist to discuss each shot and troubleshoot and answer any questions or concerns.

On the scheduled photoshoot days, I collaborated with the food stylist and photographer to setup and execute each shot.

After the photoshoot was completed, I used my concept design and final photos to build the extended campaign for print and web.

Final Takeaways:

These type of projects are always collaborative, however this project required my leadership and ownership of the concept design, creative planning and the photoshoot execution.

C O L L A B O R A T O R S:
Christine Gardner, Food Stylist
Jared Navarre, Photographer


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