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Valentine's Day Desserts Photoshoot

C L I E N T: FRESH By Brookshire's
P R O J E C T: Valentine's Day Desserts Styled Photoshoot

This project earned a Bronze ADDY Award from the American Advertising Federation Shreveport-Bossier.

This holiday photoshoot highlights the catering holiday food items available for entertaining and party planning. It encompasses Thanksgiving, Christmas and other winter holidays where friends and families typically gather for parties and events.

My Role:

I collaborated on this project with a food stylist, photographer, art director and client representative. Throughout this months-long project, I helped with the planning, art direction and execution of a styled photoshoot and extensive campaign buildout.

Project Breakdown:

This project starts with a food list from the client, which designates specific seasonal food items that the client wants to showcase. I use that list and photo examples from my research to plan shots by deciding on angles, lighting, tone, and choosing which foods are appropriate for each shot. After client feedback, I designed and delivered the concept design, including color scheme and overall theme.

Once the client was happy with the direction, I planned and shopped for props: surfaces, backdrops, linens, fabrics, platters, glassware, serveware, etc. I then use my photo examples and the purchased props to begin building the scenes to get a better idea of each shot.

Multiple times throughout the process, I would lead a group phone call with the food stylist to discuss each shot and troubleshoot and answer any questions or concerns.

On the scheduled photoshoot days, I collaborated with the food stylist, photographer and senior art director to setup and execute each shot.

After the photoshoot was completed, I used the photos to build an extended campaign for print and web.

Final Takeaways:

This project challenged me to plan a visually appealing styled photoshoot to highlight popular holiday food items with the goal of increasing sales for the grocery client.

C O L L A B O R A T O R S:
Angela Yeung, Food Stylist
Jared Navarre, Photographer
Chris James, Sr. Art Director
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