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Umami Sushi+Ramen Logo

Updated: Jan 24

C L I E N T: FRESH By Brookshire's
P R O J E C T: Umami Logo Design

This logo earned one of the top ADDY Awards - Best of Elements of Advertising - from the American Advertising Federation East Texas in 2023. It also earned a Gold ADDY Award.

This logo was created for the mini-restaurant within the grocery store that serves fresh sushi and ramen. Umami was intended to match the Asian-inspired food, yet still fit the modern, fresh vibe of the stores. Most of the signage uses this dark, texture background, so the chopsticks and name were reversed into a lighter color, however when used elsewhere, they are a dark gray color.

This logo was created for the 802 Fate, TX store location that opened in 2022, and was later added to other stores.


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