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Summer Camp Stickers

Updated: Jan 21

C L I E N T: Sky Ranch
P R O J E C T: 10 Sticker Designs

For this project, I created a total of 10 summer camp cabin sticker designs. Each sticker was up to 4” maximum, full-color and specialty die-cut. I was given creative freedom to design something fun yet age-appropriate per design in any shape I felt appropriate.

This project challenged me to design for a younger audience while also upholding a high level of fun design. Each sticker tells its own story and has its own unique look and feel, which allowed me to have fun communicating the overarching teachings of each cabin for the campers.

Project Background Info:

Sky Ranch is a year-round recreational camp ministry in East Texas. During their faith-based summer camp sessions for young kids, the campers are assigned to stay in their on-site cabins.

Each cabin has a unique name, namesake and namesake trait. The namesake and traits reflect values that are taught during their camp programs and are selected based on gender and age group. For example, one of the 8-10 year old boys’ cabins is named The Roar with the namesake of famous author and theologian C. S. Lewis, and namesake trait “creativity”. I was asked to design something using lion imagery to represent Aslan the lion in Lewis' book series.

The campers collect fun stickers of each cabin they stay in to adhere to their trunks/luggage, bags and water bottles.

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