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Recipe: Edible Cookie Dough

C L I E N T: Brookshire's Celebrate Cooking
P R O J E C T: Recipe Video - Edible Cookie Dough

This project earned a Gold ADDY Award from the American Advertising Federation Shreveport-Bossier.

This project brings life to the recipes in Celebrate Cooking magazine with a how-to video making the recipe from start to finish. Typically, for each issue, I would create 2-3 recipe videos.

My Role:

I complete this type of project, from start to finish, by collaborating with a food stylist. I plan, storyboard, shoot and direct the video shoot, then edit the videos to completion.

Project Breakdown:

This project starts with the recipe and images printed in the magazine. I build storyboards using examples from previous videos and internet research. For the video shoot, I choose surfaces, backdrops, props and dishes for each scene.

I setup basic lighting and use multiple DSLR cameras on tripods to film each shot. I direct the food stylist through each step of the recipe and operate both cameras.

After the video shoot, I edit the video in Premiere Pro with some simple titles, lower-thirds and stop-motion effects.


Storyboard Vision/Conceptualization

Stop-Motion Video

Art Direction + Propping


Lighting (Basic)

Video Editing (Basic)



Adobe Premiere Pro


C O L L A B O R A T O R S:
Christine Gardner, Food Stylist/Chef

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