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Newsroom Sessions: Nizia Alam

Updated: Jan 25

C L I E N T: UT Tyler Mass Communication - Multimedia Coursework

UT Tyler student Nizia Alam discusses her time as Editor in Chief of the Patriot Talon student media outlet at The University of Texas at Tyler. Alam helped to continue the transformation and growth of the media outlet in multiple different areas.

Project Breakdown:

This project was an assignment for my multimedia coursework in the Mass Communication department of UT Tyler. I interviewed Nizia Alam and created a 7-minute video utilizing B-roll footage and cutaways to help tell the story of the Patriot Talon under Alam's leadership. I was responsible for all aspects of this video including brainstorming, interviewing, videography and editing.



Lighting (Basic)

Video Editing (Basic)


Adobe Premiere Pro


Lavalier Microphone


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