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I'm an award-winning creative cultivating new ways to display and communicate in a creative yet effective manner.
I thrive on submersing myself with inspiration and allowing my creative brain to conceptualize the work I do for clients, with the goal of sparking customer interest and driving engagement and sales.

I utilize creative briefs and discussions with clients to conceptualize new creative visuals that market their brand and products. From small projects to large campaigns, I work to deliver visually appealing solutions.


In my current role, I plan, art direct and execute photoshoots in coordination with a team of professionals. I oversee the design and execution for these projects and associated campaigns. I also use client briefs to give art direction to multiple different designers for campaign concepts for clients that I oversee.

With my education and training in video production, I utilize my skills to plan, direct and edit simple short-form videos for clients to use in their marketing.

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